Want Some True Confessions About Motherhood? Is It Easy? Is It Always Fun? Can I Do It Perfectly?

Whether you're a mom-to-be or a first time mom, chances are you could most likely benefit from hearing some true confessions about motherhood from some more experienced moms who have 'been there, done that.'

Answers to questions like, "Is being a mom easy?" or "Is it always fun?" and maybe even "Can I be the perfect mom?" Well to sum it up for you, a resounding NO to all of the above!

Being a mom is usually anything but easy, taking care of another human life (or sometimes several,) is one of the most difficult, challenging, and often overwhelming jobs on the face of this earth. That being said, it is also the most rewarding.

But trying to juggle many tasks at the same time on a daily basis can be very stressful. Moms, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you have older children, have them do chores around the house. After all, they do help make the messes, right? It surely won't kill them to help clean them up. Even try to get hubby to pitch in once in awhile, it won't kill him either. :)

More true confessions- no, it is not always fun. Sometimes the chores mount up, the kids get sick, and you get no sleep. Not even close to fun. But that doesn't mean that you can't love what you do! And there are many fun moments being a mom, but to say that it is fun all the time would be a lie!

When people say things like 'being a mom is easy' or 'how lucky she is to not have to work,' obviously they don't have any mothering experience. If they did, they wouldn't be spreading what I like to call myths of motherhood. People shouldn't judge unless they really know what they're talking about. And even then, don't judge!

People don't usually realize how motherhood changes you. It tests your strengths and tries your patience. It makes you do more than you ever thought you could do, at the same time feeling more joy than you ever thought you could feel. Motherhood is like a roller coaster ride, with higher than high times, combined with lots of dips, twists and turns along the way.

Last but not least, (and probably the most important,) NO MOM IS PERFECT!!!!! I'll say it again, NO MOMMY HAS EVER BEEN, NOR WILL EVER BE PERFECT! Motherhood is a hard job and as moms, we need to give ourselves credit for doing the best that we can.

There will be good days and bad days, good times and bad times. The kids will get sick, the washing machine will break, and company will show up unexpectedly when you haven't showered. Life happens. You learn to roll with the punches, and believe it or not, you WILL survive it.

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