Are We Paying The Price Of Motherhood?

If someone asked you what you thought the price of motherhood was, what would your answer be? Just what price are we actually paying to be a mom?

It's a question most moms rarely think about, we are too busy with actually doing all it takes to be a mom that there's little time left to think about the sacrifices we make.

So let us do the thinking for you. We have made up a list of what we think the price of motherhood actually is, what it's costing us, and what we sacrifice.

1. Career/Job: Many a mother has left a high powered career or just a well liked job to join the ranks of the full time mom squad.

2. Friends: Do they still talk to you? You don't have time to return their phone calls, don't make it to their kids birthday parties, and haven't been out with them in forever.

3. Time: Your mornings, afternoons, and evenings are consumed with kids, kids, kids! Who needs free time anyway?

4. Energy: You've cleaned the house, fed the kids, given baths, done the grocery shopping, paid the bills, given your hubby some one on one time, and visited your sick grandmother. Did we leave anything out?

5. Sleep: The baby's up half the night, your toddler has a bad dream, your five year old needs a drink of water, and your 13 year old has cramps. Sleep is a thing of the past.

6. Exercise: I think most of us moms would have to admit that we've kind of let ourselves go. Excercise isn't as much of a priority as it should be. If you're one of those moms that finds the time to excercise and do it all, by all means, please share your secrets of how you do it with the rest of us!

7. A Date: Date night usually consists of falling asleep in front of the t.v. If you're actually lucky enough to get a night out, you're usually too exhausted to really talk.

8. A Nice Car: Minivans come standard.

9. Clothes: Remember dresses and high heels? They have been replaced with mom t-shirts,(often with spit-up on them,) and bare feet.

10. Sanity: Being sane is overrated anyway.

The joy that comes from all that sacrifice: Priceless

I think most moms would agree that the price of motherhood is one that we willingly pay, day in and day out. We've chosen to make that sacrifice of ourselves to give our kids the best lives possible.

Are we always perfect? Heck no! But the things we do, even the mistakes we make, are all done with love.

We choose to take a backseat for awhile so our kids can sit in the front, (don't worry, they will leave home someday, and you'll have the front seat all to yourself again!)

And even though society doesn't give us the recognition we deserve, we as moms will continue to press on and acknowledge that the price of motherhood is costing us alot.

But after all, we don't do it for the credit, (and if you are, you should've chosen a different profession,) we do it for our kids.

So moms, stick together and support each other however and whenever you can. Together we can stand tall and tell the world that we are more than willing to pay the price of motherhood!

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