The Joy Of Motherhood

When you hear someone talk about the joy of motherhood, what comes to mind? That first moment of looking into your babies eyes as the doctor lays him on your chest for the first time? Or maybe the first time your child said mama, or I love you.

Then again, sometimes we get so bogged down with the everyday duties and responsibilities that we neglect to see the joy at all in day to day life. It's always there, but often doesn't rare it's extremely happy head until just the opportune moment.

Between the cooking, the laundry and the helping with the homework, we wonder just where the heck it went. Then there's the mopping, the dusting and the scrubbing of the toilets, (all my LEAST favorite things to do by the way,) and we think that it's gone for good, never to return again.

But then you see your children playing well together, actually sharing their toys. Or your teenager comes and sits by you and actually starts up a conversation, (true it's rare, but I have seen it happen.) And of course the icing on the cake is getting those hugs and kisses reserved especially for mommy from your little one.

All of a sudden, there it is- the joy returns. And you wonder where it was all of this time. Then you look around at your life and realize that it never really left, it was there all along.

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