Has the Role of Motherhood Become Your Number One Job?

Just how important is the role of motherhood in your life today? Has it become your number one job? When we become mothers, everything else seems to take a back seat, from our health, to our husbands, to our social life.

We don't have the time (or energy) to take care of ourselves the way we used to, (anyone else here in need of a shower?) Date night has become getting the kids off to bed, then watching an hour of reality T.V. before falling asleep in front of it. And social life- does spending ten minutes on Facebook seeing what everyone else is up to count?

Although the role of motherhood may very well be your most important role in this season of your life, it is crucial for your well being, both physical and mental, to also devote time toward other aspects of your life.

Health seems to be a big issue with alot of moms these days. Some of our bodies are much different than they were before we had children, yet we have so much less time to spend worrying about it.

This is an issue I struggle with daily. I have the desire to work out but have trouble choosing it over other things that I need to get done. I have never been a big fan of excercise, however before children my body just seemed to manage itself. Now a days I'm not so fortunate.

It's especially hard when you have small children to find the time to excercise, usually it consists of chasing them around the house. But getting moving is something that you can make a family affair out of.

Pack up the kids in the stroller or wagon and go for a walk. Sure, you can't really power walk with the kids, but It's better than nothing. Sometimes being outside is a huge boost to your emotional well being also.

Then there is the hubby. Poor guy, he waits around all day for a little one on one time only to find out that when it comes, you're too exhausted to enjoy it. The role of motherhood in our lives definitely changes our role as wife as well.

Yes, you need to take time to make your husband feel important and to stay connected, but sometimes in the real world that doesn't happen on a day to day basis. The kids are hungry, they need baths, someone's fighting, there's always something that needs your attention right now!

Hubbys often take a back seat, especially after the birth of a baby. My husband confided in me after the birth of our second baby that he didn't feel like I ever had time for him. It was at that point that I decided to put forth my best effort to make him feel special every day.

Sometimes you can do something as simple as a foot rub, or take the time to listen while he tells you about his day, (yes, close the door and let the kids scream- come out only if someones bleeding.)

There is a flip side to this coin, one that I remind my husband of quite often. The more help I get from him with the kids, the more time I have to devote to him. Like I often say, feel free to help give the kids their baths and I'll probably have enough energy at the end of the night to give you a foot rub. Works every time! :)

Now for the social life- what social life? If you're one of those moms that has this terrific support system of wonderful women who have kids your age and you all get together and have play dates and such, this isn't for you! Although it still may be if you're not truly getting any 'me time'.

It's so important that the role of motherhood in our lives does not erase who we are. Yes, as moms we all know that being a mom IS who we are, it's our most important job. But lets not forget that before we were mothers, we were women with lives- some of us like to dance, write poetry, play sports, go shopping or just hang out with the girls from time to time.

Whatever's IT for you, don't think you have to give it up just because you're a mom. With all the work and responsibility that comes with the role of motherhood, both physical and emotional, we need to be able to take the time to get away and just be US more now than ever.

You may not be able to do this as often as you would like, but please do it as often as you can. Have your hubby man the ship for a couple hours, (no, it won't kill him,) and get friends or family to babysit on occasion if necessary.

Doing this is not being selfish, it is for your own emotional well being. You will come back refreshed, ready to tackle all that lies ahead of you, and you will be a better mom (and wife, for that matter,) because of it.

So moms everywhere, we know the role of motherhood is your most important role, just don't forget about the other roles you play as well. After all, they all make up who you are!

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