The Best Resources For Moms In Business Found Here

Finding resources for moms in business is easier than it used to be, it just takes some time and effort to surf the web and see what you come up with. Sometimes it's great information, other times you hit a dead end. So we thought, wouldn't it be great to dedicate a page to the awesome business resources that we've found? Like the idea? We thought so!

Most of these companies or groups are run by busy, successful mothers themselves. As a work at home mom myself I'm always looking for ways to learn from others who are in the business world, and I love to support moms in business every opportunity that I get.

I have found these sites to contain a great wealth of information and some have truly awesome communities of moms who encourage and support each other. It is my pleasure to recommend them to you.

The Best Resources For Moms In Business

Mom Invented: I don't remember exactly how I learned about Mom Invented, but I'm sure glad that I did. Fellow mom Tamara Monosoff has made it her life's mission to help other moms in business.

They have a two part mission: To inspire, inform, and boldly promote courageous women in business. Also to Celebrate the creativity of moms by launching innovative Mom Invented products around the world.

Mom Inventors Inc. is comprised of three key elements: consumer products with the trademarked Mom InventedĀ® brand, an online community providing Information, Interaction & Inspiration; and educational offerings for women entrepreneurs.

They have their very own Mom Resource Directory, offer worksheets and forms, and even a member spotlight, introducing mom business members and sharing their stories.

Tamara is an inventor herself, inventing a product that prevents babies and pets from unraveling the toilet paper appropriately named The TP Saver. She is also author of The Mom Inventors Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing and Secrets of Millionaire Moms: Learn How They Turned Great Ideas Into Booming Businesses. Her latest book,Your Million Dollar Dream: Regain Control and Be Your Own Boss. Create a Winning Business Plan. Turn Your Passion into Profit comes out April 28.

The newly launched Mom Invented Community is kind of like Facebook for moms. You can go chat, join groups, watch videos, even start your own blog. There's even a place to post your needs and get business advice, (both of which I will surely be utilizing in the near future). :) If you are a mom in business of any kind, you need to check out Mom Invented.

Hybrid Mom: It's a website that promotes moms and helps them embrace their multiple identities.

The Hybrid Mom experience consists of:

Daily content including featured articles to enrich work, family, personal and social lives.

Blogs and interactive forums written and hosted by parenting and industry experts.

A robust community connecting Hybrid Moms with one another.

A Marketplace to sell or buy Hybrid Mom products and services, and a weekly newsletter highlighting inspiring articles, not-to-miss-tips and special opportunities.

I personally find their business tips to be extremely useful, they cover everything from work at home time management tips to using passion to build your brand. There are many resources for moms in business and a wealth of information on this site. The articles cover not only work, but play and life in general as well.

Every Wednesday is Win it Wednesday, which I love. They showcase a mom in business and give away one of their fabulous products. I personally have won one of the giveaways myself, (thank you Edible Gifts), and I look forward every week to discovering what will be up for grabs.

Editor in cheif Beth Smith does a great job at making sure the content is current, trendy, and informative. A wonderful resource for moms in business or not, see what you can discover at Hybrid Mom.

More Resources For Moms In Business

The Mom Pack: You can find them on Yahoo groups or at their own site. The Mom Pack mission is to promote, network, and support other moms in business, both online and offline.

One way they do this is by sending out 'Mom Packs', which are packets of information that are handed out with orders. They may include things such as business cards, coupons, samples, or any other promotional materials. These packets can also be passed out at home parties, craft shows, open houses, even doctors offices.

Another way Mom Pack members promote each other is through their Text Link Moms program. A Text Link Mom submits her info to the Mom Pack Text Link Program and creates a separate page on her website to display the official Mom Pack Text Link listings. Participating in the program enables moms to network and build their businesses bigger while gaining a wealth of knowledge, support, and friendship.

They have useful articles, a message board, and even a Mom 2 Mom Directory. Membership is free, but you do have to be accepted to be a member.

Some of the nicest, most welcoming ladies are members of The Mom Pack.

"How & Where to market your mom-owned business!"

Well I hope you have found some of these resources for moms in business to be useful. We will continue to add more resources to the list as we come across them, although we may have to add another page for that. ;)

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