Looking For Some Mom-To-Be Info?

Are you a mom-to-be? If so, you've come to the right place! As a mom-to-be, I'm sure you've been getting advice from more people than you want to hear it from, so we've decided to go over just a few of the 'things you need to know that no one is going to tell you' about becoming a new mom.

First off, their are the basic things I'm sure you already know, (drink enough water, get enough rest,) so we won't even go over the things that your doctor is probably already telling you.

What your doctor probably isn't telling you is to really enjoy that rest, cause it's the last bit of really good sleep you'll get until your new little bundle of joy is about five years old.

Yes, it's not only the newborns that rob you of your precious sleep, but it lasts usually all the way up to kindergarten. Between the drinks of water, the bad dreams, the getting sick and just the good old 'but I'm not tired yet,' sleep really is a thing of the past.

So even though you may not be sleeping very comfortably now, at least you ARE sleeping, so enjoy every minute of it!

As a mom-to-be, maybe you have this thought about how you think your birth experience is going to be. You hear soft music playing, you see your husband lovingly rubbing your feet as you thoroughly enjoy every moment of this beautiful, awesome experience.

Reality check- no music, only t.v. And your husband's not rubbing your feet, because he's the one watching it. Hey, you just may find that you are able to enjoy the experience, once you've had your epidural or your shot of Demerol.

Now don't get me wrong, the end result is of course the most awesome thing you will ever experience, holding that new little life in your arms for the first time. All I'm saying is that the path to get there may not turn out exactly like you've imagined it.

But go ahead and have a birth plan that is the one you've always dreamed of, just don't get your expectations too high or you may wind up a bit disappointed.

Another harsh reality that you will soon face is that after the being up all night, the diaper changes, the feeding, and bathing, and holding, and spending the few minutes you do have while the baby sleeps doing household chores, accept the fact that there will not in the distant future be any time for you to have any kind of a life of your own. Just please, accept it now!

Your time will all be consumed with either baby duties, or household chores, or taking care of hubby. In the rare case that you do have a few minutes to yourself, your new hobby of choice will be sleep, I promise you.

But moms-to-be, don't worry. You really do adjust to all the changes, although at first you wonder if you ever will.

Your body has a way of being able to forge ahead even with hardly any sleep, and you may just be surprised at how understanding and helpful your husband has become since the birth of the baby. (Or then again, maybe not- everyone's situation is different.)

Life will go on, and you will learn to find a balance between what needs to be done right now, (such as feeding your newborn,) and what can wait until you have the time, (such as feeding everyone else, including yourself.) :)

If you are a mom-to-be who is looking for a great place to find everything for your upcoming bundle of joy, I highly recommend Mom4Life. It's an awesome site run by a terrific mother Heather, who makes the rest of us look like we're amatures. They have all the latest must haves for your baby, and tons of stuff that you as a mom-to-be could be using right now!

I also love this site because all of the products they sell are either created, invented, or made by moms. I love to see moms helping other moms, I truly think we moms need to stick together! It's also the perfect place to get a gift for any mom-to-be you might know.

Well mom-to-be, I sure hope I didn't scare you. I tend to try and find the humor in all situations, all in the name of good motherhood fun.

Just one final note: Throw away those pre mom-to-be jeans, because you won't need them again anytime soon. Oh, and unfortunately I'm not laughing this time.

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