How Motherhood Changes You, Let Us Count The Ways

If you're a soon to be or first time mom, you may be wondering how motherhood changes you, or if it even does at all. You most likely have a plan, or at least some expectations of how you would like your life as a mother to unfold.

You can already see that beautiful, blue eyed curly haired cutie running towards you to give you a big kiss. What you may not see in your vision is that behind his back he has the chocolate syrup and he's just dying to see how much he can squirt on your just changed for the third time today t-shirt!

Ah yes, how motherhood changes you. You are quickly pulled away from your world of 'I'm going to be the perfect mom and have the perfect kid and everything is going to be just perfect,' and dropped smack dab into the middle of realityville, where perfection has been ultimately replaced with survival. Where you wonder if there will ever be life after laundry, (and diapers, and temper tantrums....)

How motherhood changes you

The first major change most moms notice is their body. Bringing that beautiful baby into this world came at a price, one that our bodies will most likely be paying for the rest of our lives. Yes, the boobs do get bigger, but unfortunately so does everything else.

And between a demanding little one, soreness from delivery and fatigue, exercising isn't something that is high on the list of priorities for most new moms. If you've had a c section you definitely will be waiting awhile, infact, some moms have trouble ever getting back in shape. With our days short and our nights even shorter, we sometimes don't have either the time or the energy for exercise.

Now if you're one of those rare moms who looks like you did before you had kids five minutes after giving birth, then this part obviously isn't for you. (Oh yeah, and I hate you.) But for the rest of you average size or plus size mommies, my advice to you is this: LOVE YOURSELF. That doesn't mean that you can't exercise if you want to, or work at changing your body if you so desire. But make sure that no matter what, you love yourself all the while. We are much more than just the size of our bodies.

Most of us are wives, mothers, some of us work outside the home. Life is not all about what you look like, even though society puts such emphasis on looks. You can be a good mom, wife, employee, etc. no matter what you look like. Just remember to be proud of YOU, and don't be so hard on yourself. (You might be surprised if you knew how many skinny people don't like their bodies either.) Beauty comes in all different sizes, and if you're happy with yourself, then others will see that and be happy too.

If you are a breastfeeding mother, albeit a wonderful and meaningful experience, you kind of get a taste of what poor cows must go through. It's rewarding yet challenging being the only source of food for your baby. You think you will fit your feedings into your life, but the opposite usually happens- your days wind up being about how much you can get done between the feedings. Your role as sole nourishment provider becomes your number one job and everything else takes a backseat, at least for awhile.

Yes, it's time consuming, but a word of advice: ENJOY THIS TIME. It really does go too quickly, even though it may not seem like you'll ever be done, you will someday. And you'll look back on these days with pride, but also a little sadness that this phase of your life has come to an end.

All joking aside, it really is a beautiful experience, one that is beneficial for both mother and baby. Really take the time to revel in this event, because once your done, your done. (Unless you're planning on having more kids, in which case you can keep on reveling for awhile longer.) :)

So we've done some explaining of how motherhood changes you, but there are many, many more ways that it does. Mom's can go from being a put together, successful, confident person to being knee deep in smashed Cheerios, dirty diapers, messy faces and snotty noses. It does sometimes lead to the question, "what happened to me?"

Our priorities are different, WE don't get to come first anymore. How many times have you just wished you could go to the bathroom alone? Life with kids is tough, and hectic, and sometimes crazy. But don't ever think you can't do it, or that it's not worth it. IT IS SO WORTH IT.

Yes, how motherhood changes you! It takes the person that you were before you had kids, shakes you up, stirs you around, turns you on your head a few times, and then makes you even better than you were before.

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