First Time Moms Need Encouragement!

All first time moms need support, period. When you are starting out on this newfound journey, you may feel alone and isolated, maybe even a bit overwhelmed.

Let me tell you that these are very normal feelings. What you need to remember is that whatever it is you're feeling or going through, chances are there are many other mothers that have been there and done that. You are not alone!

Do you have family you can turn to for support, (mom, grandma, aunts,) or maybe a friend with some mothering experience under her belt? Do not be afraid to ask for help! I think that's one of the hardest things about being a first time mom, we somehow feel that we are supposed to already know everything we need to know, and asking for help would surely mean that we don't.

I don't care how many books you read, you can never fully be prepared for motherhood. There are just some things in life that you have to experience first hand before you really get the picture, and motherhood is definitely one of those things.

Another way to deal with feelings of being isolated is to get support online. Oh how I wish I had internet support when all my kids were babies! There are so many fabulous resources out there today for first time moms, tons of websites with everything from tips, to advice, to places where moms can just go hang out and chat.

With so many moms feeling like they're stuck at home all the time, being able to go to the computer and actually talk with someone is huge. Or to go and look up information you're wondering about, like what's normal at a certain age, or even medical questions. The internet is an invaluable resource, so don't be afraid to use it.

As a first time mom, one of the most prominent things that you will be dealing with is sleep deprivation. It can be a very difficult thing to get used to, especially if you are somewhat of a heavy sleeper.

I know with my first baby, I was so afraid that I wouldn't hear him when he cried at night, (even though he was right by the bed.) But something happens when you become a mom, it's like you get bionic ears. You can be across the house and you will hear that baby cry. And if you don't, he'll cry louder and louder until you do!

Getting sleep with your first baby is kind of a unique situation. It's the only time in your mothering experience that you will only have one child to worry about, (unless of course you plan on having only one,) so take advantage of this.

When the baby sleeps, you sleep! Do not worry about the laundry, the dishes, making the beds, or anything else. Those are tasks that do have to be done, but they can wait. You may even be able to delegate these to hubby, a family member, or helpful friend if you have that kind of support available to you.

I know you feel like there is so much to do and not enough time in the day to do it all, but you need to take care of YOU, so that you can take good care of that new little one who is consuming all of your energy. And once you're on to baby number two, you will no longer have this option.

I would recommend documenting firsts when you can. Go ahead and take pictures, videos, and write in that baby book. Just remember, at the end of the day, your child won't most likely remember any of those things. But he will feel the love when you hold him and rock him, and when he's older he'll remember the time you spent reading to him and playing with him.

I know it seems like this season of your life will last forever, but it goes by all too quickly. Before you know it, he'll be off to school, and then you'll be moving from one season to another. Unless of course you have more children, then you may be in the new baby/small children season for awhile.

Nevertheless, your time with each child really is limited, once they start school you are not the center of their world anymore. Enjoy this special time with your baby!

In case no one has told you, you are now an official member of the most highly esteemed club there is, the motherhood club. You hold a valuable place in the world, although society sometimes doesn't recognize us that way.

As mothers, we need to encourage each other and build each other up. We should celebrate motherhood and be proud of what we do. We are, after all, helping to shape the future.

Take time to marvel in this wonderful new life you have helped to create, and truly cherish your role as FIRST TIME MOM- after all, you'll only be one once!

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