How Are You Celebrating Motherhood?

Celebrating motherhood is something that we should do everyday. When you are given the gift of being a mom, you usually start out on a real high- you feel truly blessed. But oh how quickly we go from celebrating to surviving!

Between taking care of the house, the kids, the husband, and once in a great while yourself, let's face it- you're a busy woman! Sometimes we feel that we spend so much time TAKING CARE of our kids that we don't have enough time to spend JUST BEING with them.

So we've compiled a list. If you're a mom looking for a reminder of what celebrating motherhood is all about, pick at least one per day to do with your kids. You'll be glad you did.

10 Simple Ways To Celebrate Motherhood

1. Play dress up with your kids. Yup, I'm talking princesses, cowboys and indians. It's amazing the affect it has on our kids when we come down to their level and into their imaginairy world with them. Dig out that old dress that you haven't worn to a party in years, you can be the queen. :)

2. Bake some cookies together. Let them pour in the sugar, crack the egg, and lick the beaters. Nothing says I love you like chocolate chip.

3. Paint a picture together. Will things get a little messy? Probably. Don't worry, everything washes.

4. Play with toys. Yup, I said it, toys. Play Barbie dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, and Hello Kitty. Play with race tracks, Lego sets, and trains. Trust me, it will bring out the kid in you.

5. Take a walk, and just enjoy the company of your children. Walk as if you don't care if you ever reach your destination.

6. Eat ice cream, even when it's nobody's birthday.

7. Sing a lullabye, if you have a small one that is. If you have a teenager, sing rock and roll.

8. Read a story, even if you've already read it a hundred times and you have the whole book memorized.

9. Dance in your P.J.'s. Show them how mom and dad used to do it, way back when. Turn the music up loud, and have fun!

10. Enjoy the moment!

Really, that's what celebrating motherhood is all about. It's not about being the best cook or keeping the cleanest house. It's not about who drives carpool more often or who throws the best birthday parties. It's about ENJOYING THE TIME WE SPEND WITH OUR CHILDREN, celebrating motherhood in the simple things.

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