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Several months ago I was looking for a handbag and I ran across The Butler Bag online. (Okay, truth be told, I wasn't LOOKING for one, I just happened to find it. Or as I like to say, IT found Me).

As a mom of four I must tell you, I think my handbags got bigger with each child. Seriously. The days of being able to carry a cute, small purse or even a clutch are over. I need something that will carry all the 'stuff' that I have to have on hand with kids. (You know, the extras that most non mothers wouldn't be caught dead with in their purse, like baby wipes and Clorox wipes for those unavoidable public restroom visits- yuck)!

When I came across The Butler Bag, what struck me at first was it's functionality. It has an organizer built right in, so when you put your stuff inside, everything sits upright and is easily accessible. There's nothing worse than being at the grocery store and having to empty all the contents of your purse out on the counter to find your wallet, (oh, you know you've done it)!

I ordered the Boutique Day Crock in Cola.

After receiving my Butler Bag in the mail and looking it over, it was a little smaller than I expected. I had been carrying a rather large purse before and I feared that all my stuff wasn't really going to fit in this new great looking but rather compact bag.

Boy, was I wrong! Not only did all my stuff fit perfectly, but now I can always find just what I need with ease.

It's a beautiful black patent leather looking bag with double handles and a zipper top. The inside is all one compartment and the organizer sits at the bottom. It has a side pocket on the outside at both ends big enough for a cell phone, lipstick, or if you're like me, boogery kleenex from your kids.

Truth be told, it's one of my most favorite bags ever! I think the only thing that could possibly make it better is if it came with money in it.

The one I bought retails for $95.00 but I got in on a 30% off sale, so it cost me $66.50, (plus $10.00 shipping). I have to admit, it's slightly more than I usually spend on a purse, (okay, so some of you are thinking wow, you really spend that much? and others are thinking I'm a cheapskate), but it was money well spent.

Another great thing about The Butler Bag is its inventor, Jen Groover. She's a mom entreuprenuer who started her company with a silverware tray in her hand and a dream in her heart.

Her idea actually came to her while loading the dishwasher. She was noticing the way that all the silverware stood upright in each little compartment, that everything had it's place and she thought, "this is what I want my purse to look like".

The rest is history. She went on to create a wonderful line of handbags and now is a well known business expert and mentor with regular spots on shows like Fox Business News.

Jen also has a new book out called 'What If And Why Not'? and is presently getting ready to reveal a whole new line of Butler Bags. I'm so excited, I can't wait!

To purchase the current limited edition styles visit The Butler Bag website.

So there you have it, my first review ever, The Butler Bag. And Jen, if you're reading this, I'd love to review one from your new line. Animal print please. ;)

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