Moms Who Stay At Home, It's A Choice We Make

For moms who stay at home, sometimes the days seem to just all run together. When your days are full of laundry, dishes, making beds, cooking, and changing diapers, each day most likely resembles the one before. It can tend to get lonely if you don't have a good support system of mommy friends.

The thing people seem to forget is that it's a choice that we make. We're not home because we can't get a job, or because we have nowhere better to go. We are home because we are doing what we think is best for our children.

Moms who stay at home often sacrifice having much of a life of their own outside of the house. Being at home is a full time job. We don't get to take off at the end of the day, we work weekends, and vacation time is almost always out of the question.

Another thing we deal with is having a sense of personal identity. It's very different than a working mother, because she has a position, whatever she does at work. But for those of us at home, we're just 'mom'. We don't get a paycheck, and we very rarely get praised for our efforts or accomplishments.

Sometimes WE tend to get lost in the chaos, the clutter, and the busyness. We're always doing something for someone, and that someone is usually not ourselves. Moms who stay at home tend to focus our attention on everything and everyone BUT ourselves.

It seems that every mom comes to a point where she discovers that she needs something for herself. If you haven't experienced this already, you will as your kids get older. Now that doesn't mean that you're going to quit staying at home and caring for your family. Sometimes it just means that you have to add something else into the mix.

It might be something as big as a new business opportunity, (so many moms are looking to work from home these days,) or it might be as simple as a day for yourself, to go out with friends or whatever it is that you enjoy doing.

Sometimes it can be hard at first, especially if you've spent years taking care of the needs of others. Sometimes moms who stay at home have to relearn how to take care of their own needs.

And then there's the guilt. Was I gone too long? Am I using valuable time that I should be spending doing something else? Are my kids getting enough of my attention? Well don't you dare feel guilty, because you deserve it!

Moms at home need to know that taking care of yourself is time well spent. It's okay to invest some time into your own physical and emotional needs. At the end of the day, you might even find that it actually does help you to be a better mother.

Getting dressed up and going out once in awhile can also be a confidence booster. Yes, we all love our mom t-shirts and blue jeans, but it's also fun to clean up and look our best for a special night out.

If you find yourself wanting to get involved in a business or even a hobby, go for it! Make some time, no matter how small, to pursue your dreams and desires. You may just find some hidden talent that you never knew about, or reignite a passion for something that you thought was lost long ago.

If your desire truly is to have a business of your own, I highly recommend Site Build It. It's a program that moms who stay at home can do, no special skills needed. All you really need is the desire to succeed and passion. So remember, take time to pursue your dreams, and enjoy the journey.

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