Celebrate Motherhood Reviews JenChe' Pursehooks

I'd like to introduce you to a great company called JenChe' Pursehooks and Accessories. They sell FUMI's, which stands for Fashionable Unique Multipurpose Innovation. It's not only a pursehook, it's a bracelet and purse accessory as well!

First off, let me give you a little background info on the company.

Jennifer Bellamy and Cheri Pope are the owners of JenChe' Pursehooks & Accessories, and have been friends and law enforcement co-workers for twenty years.

They were introduced to a FUMI while at a training seminar and immediately recognized the benefits of a pursehook. They help prevent thefts by allowing the owner to keep their purse easily within eyesight and within reach, which aides in the prevention Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft, etc. (Remember ladies, they work in law enforcement, so they know what they're talking about)! These also work great for diaper bags (or bags of any kind) and motorcycle helmets as well.

Pursehooks are also a great way to prevent the spreading of germs. When you think about it, where do you put your purse while out in public? On the floor at a restaurant, or under your desk at work? How about when you have to use a public restroom? (The floor? EEEEWWWWW)!

Then when you get home, where does your purse land? If you're like me, it's usually on the kitchen counter (where food is prepared, yuck)! Or sometimes the dining room table, even my bed. The thought of bringing home all those germs really grosses me out, and I had never really given it much thought until learning of this product.

I was sent a Glamorous FUMI pursehook from JenChe' Pursehooks and Accessories to review. Right off the bat I loved it! The animal print is so my style I knew if I weren't using it, I'd probably be wearing it as a bracelet. (Yes, I'm a confessed bracelet addict). I clipped it onto my purse and I thought it looked like a nice, fashionable accessory. I was wondering if I would really use it that much though.

The first time I tried it out was at a busy restaurant. We had all of our kids with us so we went to a very family friendly place, (translation: the floors were a mess)! I clipped my pursehook on the table and kept it right beside me, out of everyones way, and off the floor (thank goodness) the entire time.

I also used it at a nail salon. I went to get a pedicure, (my first ever, now I'm hooked)! When it was time use the drier I had to go sit at a table with nowhere to put my purse, it would've been in the way on the floor. I took out my JenChe' Pursehook and hooked it up, and WA-LA.....problem solved.

I know many public bathrooms do have hooks in the stalls, but let's face it, they all don't. You never know if the one you're going to use will have one or not, but with a FUMI pursehook you'll never have to worry.

I found myself using it while shopping as well. After putting my purse in the cart I hooked it to the handle with my pursehook. Yes, I know that if someone really wanted my purse they could unhook it and grab it, but the point is would be thieves probably wouldn't see it until after they tried to lift it, and by that time I would surely see them. It prevents them from grabbing and running before you would notice, like sometimes happens in parking lots.

Jenche' Pursehooks and Accessories carries a wide variety of FUMI styles, from Classic colors and prints, to Egyptian style and Bangles. They definitely have something for every womans taste.

I was also sent an Elegant Purse Keyfinder. This does come in handy if you're the type that always loses your keys. Or maybe you're like me and carry such a big purse that although you know they're in there somewhere, it takes forever to find them!

I just clipped my keyfinder on my purse and I always know right where my keys are, which is handy when navigating to the car with a 4 year old, a 6 year old, and ten bags of groceries! They have tons of styles to choose from, you can even have them custom made with your club, organization, business, or school logo.

JenChe' Pursehooks and Accessories is offering free shipping to anyone in the U.S. Visit their website at http://www.jenchepursehooks.com and pick out something you're sure to love, then email them your order along with the code 'Celebrate' to receive your free shipping discount.

Note: I was given a FUMI pursehook and keyfinder for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated monetarily, and these opinions are my own.

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